Full Service Payroll

We believe you should do what you do best and leave the payroll to us!

You and your employees should be free to focus your energy on your business, not the complicated task of payroll. We’ve specialized in the payroll business since 1993. We are better equipped to perform payroll tasks more efficiently, manage the ever-changing compliance and complex tax environment. We offer the full range of payroll-related services to you and your employees. Many successful businesses consider their financial institutions as a partner in providing them with the capital to grow and prosper. Think of Southern Payrolls as another key partner to provide full-service payroll processing and compliance. Thus, leaving you more time to concentrate on your business.

Full Tax Filings, Payments, and Compliance – AutoTax

Our most popular option. We make all your Federal, State, and Local payroll tax payments and file the related payroll tax returns, and deal with the IRS, Department of Taxation, etc. Your bank account is drafted (debited) each payday for the respective taxes, and we take responsibility for timely payment and filing of all of your payroll taxes and related tax returns.

Payroll Input/Import/Integration

We provide employers with a variety of solutions to enter employee hours or salaries.

  • Entering payroll information through the portal is the most popular. Simply log into the portal, enter employee hours or salaries (usually preset), review, and then click on the complete button. We’ll receive an email indicating your payroll is ready for input.
  • If you’re using a time clock system, we’re able to import that information in an ASCII or XML file structure. The majority of time clock systems use these two formats with ASCII being the most popular.
  • Time Rack Integration: Time Rack provides a time, attendance, and human resources solution that enables employers to manage employee payroll information. Time Rack produces an XML time clock file that can be imported into our system to increase the efficiency of payroll check processing.
  • Employers also have the option to call, fax or email us.

Background Checks with National Crime Search

We’re excited to announce… that we provide our customers access to a simple and affordable background screening solution through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS). Our partnership not only provides you with secure and affordable access to a web-based criminal and sex offender directory that includes over 507 million criminal records, it also allows you access to motor vehicle reports, credit reports, county criminal records and much more. For more information click here.

Direct Deposit/Rapid!Pay Cards

Employee’s pay is deposited directly into their bank account(s) on payday without the use of a paycheck or trip to the bank. There is no pre-notes and pre-funding which usually require 3 days. Funds are electronically drafted from your account 2 days before payday and transferred through the banking system into the employee’s bank account on payday. A real convenience and time saver.

We’ve also partnered with Rapid! PayCard as an option for employees without bank accounts. PayCard is accepted everywhere VISA debit cards are accepted. Funds are electronically placed onto their PayCard on payday.

Payroll checks

We provide employees with an easy-to-read paycheck with a full range of information including current and year-to-date totals, exemptions, accrued benefits, company match of retirement plan, etc. Unlike many other payroll service providers, we have the option to change the format and information provided on your employees’ checks, just ask!

Expedite final preparation and distribution with the following:

  • 24/7 Company portal and/or Employee Self-Service portal – You and your employees can view and print (PDF) check stubs.
  • Check Signing – Your software encrypted signature is applied to checks. Can be turned on or off at your request.
  • Check Stuffing & sealing – Individual checks or direct deposit vouchers are sealed in our security envelopes. With check signing and stuffing, you can ensure employees get paid if you are out-of-town or at a different location without breaching confidentiality. Accounting reports can be sent in a separate envelope.
  • Mailing – With check signing and stuffing, we can mail employees’ checks directly to their homes.

Paperless Payroll

Go Green!  Get more efficient and convenient as the same time. Combine 24/7 Company Online Portal with Employee Self-Service with online payroll reports for a truly “paperless” payroll experience. You can eliminate office supplies, filing space, and delivery costs.

Virtual File Cabinet Utilizing FileCabinet CS

In addition to our “Paperless Payroll” we’re making use of the latest technology to offer our customers by providing a virtual file cabinet for employee forms and records that we receive and manage on their behalf. We will scan employee information that you have traditionally stored in a file drawer and upload it to your secure portal. This could include applications, performance reviews, W-4’s, I-9’s, state withholding forms, garnishments, direct deposits authorizations, and child support orders. These files will be accessible to you in the same location as your payroll reports and tax forms. This add-on is priced at 25 cents per paycheck per employee. Call us for additional information.


Many states are requiring employers to check the social security numbers of their new hires in order to check their immigration status. Many states are making this mandatory. Southern Payrolls is an E-Verify Employer Agent.  We encourage our clients to use us as their agent for just $25. Once established, simply forward us the completed I-9 form. The verification is instant through the internet and is just $10 per employee.

New Hire Reporting

Whenever you add a new employee to your staff the state requires you to notify them Once your new employee is entered into our system, we will electronically report this information to the appropriate state.


  • 24/7 Company Online Portal – Completely paperless
  • UPS – Next day by 10am. Fast service, great price.
  • Mailing – 1st class in Tyvek security envelope.

Manual (other) Checks

Any non-payroll checks. Examples: garnishments, child support, independent contractors, savings or retirement account remittances, and other recurring items.

Court orders

For garnishments, child support and tax or other liens, send us the order, and we will calculate the withholding amount each payroll, test for appropriate legal limitations, track balances and prepare remittance checks as required. We can even withhold fees from the employee’s check for reimbursement of our charges.

Vacation, Sick & Personal time

We track and report hours due on employee pay stubs and on a monthly summary report. Up to 3 time types, fixed or accrual calculations.

Custom Reports

If you want to see particular payroll information in a certain layout or modify one of our standard reports, we can generally design and print a custom report for you. This is a great option for clients with multiple locations in multiple states, separate divisions or contractors working on multiple jobs. You can receive yours reports via portal, email or paper. We’re able to produce reports in various formats such as: pdf, xls, txt, html, rtf and tif.

Payroll Posting Reports/Quickbooks Importing

A favorite with “bean counters.” This report on a per payroll or monthly basis gives the debit and credit entries for all payroll activity we have processed. Can save your bookkeeper, accountant or CPA a lot of time summarizing the individual payrolls for entry into your general ledger. We’re able to customize reports specific to your needs. If you have multiple locations, divisions or jobs we can produce reports detailing payroll costs per location, etc.

We also offer a Quickbooks payroll file that will import into directly into your system using either an IIF or txt file format.


  • Voiding – If a check is lost or not given to an employee, we can process a transaction to reverse the wages, taxes and deductions.
  • Reprint – If a check is lost and stopping payment is not a concern, we can usually reprint an exact duplicate of the original check.
  • Calc pay – Forget to report hours for an employee, need a termination check or a bonus check and don’t want to process a whole payroll? Call and in minutes we can calculate a net amount to pay the employee. Then, we will incorporate the relevant information into your next payroll.
  • Tax calc – Want to pay an employee a given “net” amount but don’t know how to calculate the gross amount or adjust taxes? We can work backwards and compute the paycheck based on a given “net” amount.
  • 1099’s – We process your 1099’s and 1096 transmittal. Everything ready to mail or upload to the 24/7 portal.
  • 1094-C’s and 1095-C’s – We process your 1094-C’s and 1095-C’s. Everything ready to mail or upload to the 24/7 portal.
  • Applications – Federal, Virginia and out-of-state payroll tax accounts and ID numbers.
  • Tips – Reporting, Credit and Allocation calculations.

Retirement plan Reporting and Remittance

We can generate reports, calculate matches and prepare the monthly remittances to Third Party Administrator (TPA) for your 401(k), SIMPLE plan or 403(b). We can transmit this information directly to your investment vendor via fax, internet, email or electronically. We customize each client’s reporting to meet vendor specifications and test quarterly for correct contribution and match amounts.

We also have the ability to prepare the Annual Retirement Census information as required by your TPA.

ACA Reporting

Confused with all the rules and regulations of The Affordable Care Act? Who’s a part-time employee, full-time employee or how many full-time-equivalent employees do I have and how many average hours did they work? We have the ability to track all this relevant information for you and report the “Average Full-Time Employees” and the “Average Hours Worked” is an easy to read report. We use this information to prepare, report and electronically file Forms 1094-C and 1095-C.

Same day processing

Need payroll right now or can’t get your input in on time? We can prioritize a payroll and expedite processing to try to meet your needs.

Workers’ Compensation – Audits/Reporting/Pay-As-You-Go

If your insurance company requires an annual audit of payroll for calculation of your premium adjustments, we can generate the reports they need and even give them access to your records at our offices. If you give us your Worker’s Compensation classifications and rates we can assign those to each employee and provide you with a report each payroll. We also prepare the annual audit and reconcile your payroll information to the specific audit dates.

For our more complex clients we offer XactPay, through The Hartford Insurance Company. Once you give us your Worker’s Compensation classifications and rates we can assign those to each employee, track the insurance expense and upload the information to The Hartford Insurance Company. This allows you to pay-as-you go which can eliminate the annual audit and more importantly, the audit adjustment amount due.

HR Products

HR360 – A great solution for our payroll clients needing additional HR guidance. You will have access to:

  • 750 subscriptions to an attorney-reviewed online HR library that acts like a mini-HR department
  • The most current Health Care Reform guidance, news and tools
  • ACA and HR email alerts
  • ACA and benefits PDF tools
  • Federal and state COBRA and continuation of coverage information
  • Step-by-step interactive guides on hiring, performance reviews, disciplining and terminating employees
  • Interactive tools such as a job description builder, salary benchmarking tool and HR self-assessment module
  • More than 500 downloadable forms and posters

Remote Payroll Portal / Employee Self-Service Portal

NetClient CS – This online service enables 24/7 client access to exchange data, enter payroll data, view, print check stubs, payroll reports, W-2′s, 1094-C’s, 1095-C’s, 1096’s, 1099’s and edit employee W-4 information. No software to download, accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The Employee Self-Service portal only allows employees to view or print (PDF) copies of W-2’s, 1095-C’s or 1099’s.

Our NetClient CS portals are hosted at some of the largest, most secure data centers in the world. It uses the industry’s most advanced security and reliability measures to keep your data safe, including:

  • Built-in redundancy – Multiple data locations, internet connections, and power sources keep your portal up and running at all times.
  • Secure password protection & secondary authentication – A comprehensive password system and secondary authentication system provides you with worry-free access.
  • 256-bit encryption – This protects your data as it travels between the data center and your computer.

Customer Service – Easy Access to Experienced Payroll Professionals

We pride ourselves on our customer service that is second to none! When you call us your call will be answered by a living, breathing professional who will probably recognize your voice and know which Company you are with. Our highly-trained support staff is able to guide you through your payroll related situation. You will have direct phone and internet access to our experienced staff to answer your questions regarding payroll taxes, compliance changes, employee garnishments, ACA compliance and other issues that inevitably arise with employees.

Client Referral Program

Save $50 on your payroll processing + receive $50 VISA gift card

Here is an exclusive offer to Southern Payroll clients well worth considering. Give us a good business referral and receive a $50 credit on your payroll processing for every lead that that becomes an active client. In addition, a $50 VISA gift card will also be awarded to the individual that submitted the referral. You can submit an unlimited number of referrals for an unlimited number of discounts – as long as they become active Southern Payrolls clients and completes three (3) months, ninety (90) days of payroll service.

At Southern Payrolls, we thank you for your confidence in our payroll services and we will continue to do everything in our power to earn it. For more information about Southern Payrolls Client Referral Program or to submit a referral, please contact us at 757-599-8500. We will update you on the progress of your referral and will apply your discount as soon as the referral completes three (3) months, ninety (90) days of payroll service with us.

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